In box

In box

Periodically various people send First Church unsolicited email, some of it is fairly sensible and seeks advice (which is difficult to provide) about genelogical research, some of this email is well, different… This section will feature some of this email. It is currently fashionable to be non judgemental, so instead we’ll allow you the visitors to our site to form your own impressions .

The first contributor is: [email protected] john walker

Mr Walker’s email was headed: the true church

Mr Walkers said: “do you realise taht your ” faith ” and ” religion ” is based on a king that didn’t like having one wife. He wanted other women. Your ” religion is based on a sex maniac. WAKE UP MORONS!!!!!!!! j “

All sorts of things could be said of this, however we’ll leave it for you the website visitors to form your own opinions.